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Soon To Come


Digital Doppelganger

Digital Doppelganger is a critical performance piece that serves as a commentary on our addiction to digital escapism: how that affects the emergence of narcissistic personality traits, and how complacent we are as passive recipients of mediated lackluster interactions. Through this interaction, users  can gain an understanding about how technology has morphed our ability to communicate and interact with one another.

The performance includes interactions with audiences using a wearable that allows me to transfigure myself between my original form and a carefully created substitute meant to appease the people around me.


unbroken meaning

Machine learning (ML) is a field that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to "learn" from data without being explicitly programmed. Though this field is growing exponentially and thus becoming more ubiquitous, there exists a lack of representation of diversity in the field. This lack of diversity in the programing of ML algorithms, collection of datasets, and development of ML based products is deleterious and diminishes the potential positive social impact, efficacy, and economic impact of the field. Furthermore this neglect manifests itself in products and systems that are biased and dangerous to underrepresented groups by not fully taking them into account.


false mirror 2.0

An installation that explores excessive photo-taking in museums to encourage conversation or reflection on these trends and their effects on the consumption of art.