An installation that calls into question our physical and digital relationships with museum spaces and the consumption of art.



Designer, creative technologist


Exhibit Design, machine learning (ml5.js), projection mapping, Node, Web, Physical Fabrication


noah edelstein, haley Mittelstaedt, kelsey Leuenberger,



&False_Mirror is an art installation that explores excessive photo-taking in museums and how the role of mobile technologies and the influence of social media have led to the emergence of “instagram art”. The purpose of this piece is to encourage conversation/reflection on these trends and their effects on the consumption of art and the museum experience.



This visuals for this project incorporate a re-adaptation of Magritte’s original The False Mirror. In order to attract fans of new media art, we took a digital approach by animating the clouds. The piece is then displayed using projection mapping into a physical canvas that also houses a web cam.

Using the web cam, we add personality to the painting by creating and implementing a machine learning model using the PoseNet algorithm to detect when users are using their devices to capture their experience. If the gesture is sensed, the piece transforms into one of three reactions: a prolonged blink, a live camera-feed of the user, or an amateur crayon drawing.

Ultimately, its a digital media piece that refuses to be archived in the digital space.

user clip trim.gif