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junior INTERIOR designer


Richard Bliss, Jenifer Colon, Michelle Beganskas


spatial planning, INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE, BUSINESS STRATEGY AND workplace strategy



TMA was hired to create new workplace guidelines for Altice in order to achieve a dynamic and collaborative work environment. As part designer and part strategist, I was tasked collecting data from interviews and observation studies. I worked along side our graphic designer to create the graphics and documentation. We were then given the opportunity to implement these standards and design their Plano location. 


As one unified global brand with one strategy and one mission, we are turning the promise of convergence into reality where continuous innovation is the only way forward...


workplace strategy

To increase company efficiency and sustainability, TMA’s workplace strategy aimed to create work-setting types to implement in order to accommodate a wide breath of work styles. The data for the following metrics were derived from industry standard benchmarks. Work settings are categorized by function, and are further broken down into individual workspaces and alternative seating. The isometric below provides a visual as to what this may look like.

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Given these standards, we also had the opportunity to implement these objectives in a newly acquired property in Plano, Texas. With a total of 200,000 square feet, we created a proposal for a lively, and budget conscious work environment. The proposal included design services which featured several renderings of the interior environment's architecture and materiality.

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